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2019-01 Quality inspection by the MDK

Like last year, in January we received a visit from the medical service of the health insurance companies. We are very pleased that we were able to further increase our previous year’s result and were awarded an overall score of 1.2. Here are the results in detail:

Nursing and medical care: 1.4 (good)
Dealing with residents with dementia: 1.0 (very good)
Supervision and everyday life: 1.0 (very good)
Housing, catering, housekeeping and hygiene: 1.0 (very good)
Survey of residents: 1.0 (very good)
Overall result: 1.2 (very good)

2018-12 Christmas approaches …

Is there anything more beautiful than Christmas? Certainly not!
In Haus Seeblick, Christmas trees are planted and everywhere there is decorating and handicrafts. A special highlight is our small Advent market. The entrance hall is transformed into a colourful bazaar where all kinds of beautiful things can be bought: colourful bags, homemade notebooks, pendants, Christmas decorations, flower arrangements … There is something for every taste.

2019-11 Chocoversum

Our residents’ council under the direction of Mr. Petschow storms the Chocoversum in Hamburg! We learn a lot about chocolate and are even allowed to invent our own chocolate bar. With the huge selection of ingredients the decision is not easy, but in the end all participants can take a very special, sweet memory home with them.

2019-08 Hard Rock Café at Haus Seeblick

This year’s summer party in the nursing home Haus Seeblick became a rock event. The garden of the facility was turned into a Hard Rock Café by loving decoration for the residents. Of course, real bikers should not be missing. As a highlight of the summer party, members of the motorcycle club Mölln with their machines were announced. The anticipation was huge and everyone waited eagerly for the arrival of the leather-clad riders with their huge machines. Then it was finally time. With astonished faces and beaming eyes the inhabitants followed the entry of the motorcycles into the garden. With great noise, loud rattling and the unmistakable sound of the heavy machines, one motorcycle after the other rolled through the gate. One quickly got into conversation and the bikers gladly answered all questions about their impressive machines. Some of the residents even had a dream come true, which they will never forget: Once they were allowed to sit on such a big machine and feel like real bikers. The residents’ enthusiasm for the Motorcycle Club Mölln was evident in their faces. Of course the physical well-being did not come too briefly. It was served according to the motto Burger and Currywurst as well as fresh non-alcoholic beer.

The rocky music did the rest for the good mood. At the end all agreed, it was a successful and exciting summer party in the Hard Rock Café Haus Seeblick and will surely be remembered by all residents for a long time.

2017-07 the pirates are coming!

Pirates and sea bears – this is the motto of this year’s summer festival. There is hearty music and a very delicious buffet. The praise is due to the kitchen, which once again surpassed itself.

But not only the kitchen has strained itself: as you can see, Mr. Petschow has thrown himself hugely. Yes, such a captain looks impressive!

Fortunately, the weather also plays with. For a moment, it looked as if we were getting rain. But luckily the clouds have passed us.

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