Our prices were negotiated with the representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the various health insurance funds. This fee consists of the components of care, accommodation and food as well as investment costs. They provide the daily care.

Our monthly home costs result from these care classes. These are, however, still reduced by the payments you can receive from different departments. These include, for example,

• the benefits of the care fund,
• possibly allowance,
• or social assistance and / or
• funds from support funds (social welfare funds) and others

After deduction of all additional payments, you will have a share of your own which you must pay. If this is not possible, we will be pleased to help you with the relevant requests from the competent authority.

Please do not be put off by the costs in the table. We know, of course, that our nursing care is not favorable, but you can be assured: our wide range of in-house therapists and specially trained nurses is worth the price, we offer much more than just a basic treatment (therapies). Please call for questions. You can reach us at phone number 04542 – 83 405.

The following table will give you a brief overview of how the payment would be in our case:
TagespreisePflegegrad 3Pflegegrad 4Pflegegrad 5
Pflegesatz124,58 €141,44 €149,00 €
2,97 € 2,97 € 2,97 €
Unterkunft & Verpflegung 29,98 € 29,98 € 29,98 €
25,51 € 25,51 € 25,51 €
Heimentgelt täglich 183,04 € 199,90 € 207,46 €
Gesamtkosten / Monat 5.568,08 € 6.080,96 € 6.310,93 €
Zahlung der Pflegekasse 1.262,00 € 1.775,00 € 2.005,00 €
Gesamtanteil Bewohner 4.306,08 € 4.305,96 € 4.305,93 €
abzgl. Unterstützung Staatindividuellindividuellindividuell
abzgl. Leistungszuschlag der Pflegekasse nach § 43c SGB XIindividuellindividuellindividuell
Tabelle 1: Übersicht Pflegesatz täglich / monatlich