Registration and admission

You can imagine that you or one of your family members feel comfortable with us? Then do not hesitate to arrange a consultation with us. We will inform you thoroughly and initiate the first steps of the application.

A registration with us is without great formalities. Just call and make an appointment. We will show you the house and discuss the rest with a cup of coffee. We need some information from you to give us a picture of you / your relative. The more we know, the better we are prepared at a move-in. On your part, there will also be a need for conversation. After all, moving into a nursing care facility is a step that needs to be thoroughly thought through.

It is often the case that the person concerned can not be present in this first conversation (for example, during hospital stays). In such cases, we are happy to come to you in a second meeting, present ourselves personally to the person concerned and answer your questions.

We are looking forward to hearing from you: Contact us by phone at 0 45 42/83 40 5 or write an e-mail, we will contact you.

Whom can we not accept?

The “Haus Seeblick” is an open house. This also applies to our building: we have many entrances and no gatekeeper, who supervises the coming and going. Our inhabitants should be able to move as freely as they would in their own home. This also means that we are not the right place for people with strong run-down trends.

In the following cases, we are also not the right institution: in the case of violence or severe addiction problems. Unfortunately, we can not accept these persons. Please understand that in such cases, we take due care of the roommates and staff. In this case, please contact the competent authority, which can give you addresses of suitable institutions.